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The Best of Dr. Longphartz, Fart Phd

Dr. Longphartz is the resident fart expert with the I Fart On team. Anyone can ask a question of him to get his expert insight, allowing you to live your life to the fullest, even if you fart all the time. Check out a few of his best responses.Q: Why Do Some Farts Not Smell At [...]

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America's New Fart Throb: The Fart Boss

The question has been asked multiple times, can you fart a lot and still be considered a heart throb and have people be attracted to you wherever you go? The answer is quite simple: yes! Our very own Fart Boss has proven that to be true for over two decades. The Fart Boss farts a lot. [...]

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Famous Quotes with Added Farts - Michael Jordan

So if Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of his time, what made him so great? According to him it was the obscene amount of failures he endured and never once giving up in the face of it. This can be the case with anything in life, so why not a farter? What makes [...]

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Best Funny Fart Fact Info Graphics Volume 1

Farts are a fact of everyday life, always have been and always will be. Since we average over 98 billion human farts every day, everything we own, touch or encounter gets farted on, regularly. Every seat that exists has been farted on. Some seats have been farted on thousands of times. In fact, the CEO of [...]

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How to Select Memorable Funny Gifts for Men or Women – Look No Further than Farts

Sounds juvenile right? Fart jokes are for kids, at least that is what society tries to teach us. Well it’s time to rethink the gratuitous fart joke and select a gift that will never be forgotten.Think about it, what is the purpose of giving a gift? To show people that you actually thought about them when the gift was selected. [...]

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Five Must Haves for Modern Farters

Farting has been going on since the dawn of man, and turning farts into an art form has been going on for just about as long. But in this modern age, how can you fart with an edge that farters of the past may not have had? Here we give you five must haves for the modern farter. 1. A [...]

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Three Things Every Great Farter Does Every Morning

Someone isn’t anointed a “farter” – being a farter inherently requires the acknowledgement of the people you fart around. The privilege of being a farter is something you earn every day, beginning each morning. That’s one of the differences between a farter and non-farter. After extensive research, we have reached the conclusion that a successful farter does the following three things every single [...]

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Directional Farting: Farting with Intent to Disrupt Others

When you position yourself to fart directly at another person with the intent to disgrace them, it is called Directional Farting. This is a fun pastime practiced by best friends (and spouses) since the dawn of humanity. But when does Directional Farting cross the line? Well, it really doesn't legally, unless in the act of Directional [...]

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Farting in Movie Theaters - Every Movie is a Horror Flick

Ahhhh... date night, or family night, or just plain movie night. Great place to relax and escape the worries of your world for a few hours. But when you go to that snazzy theater, don't forget one key fact: Movie theaters are a breeding ground for farts. Sugar gives people increased gas and concessions serve [...]

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Holding in Farts is Unnatural

Yes, its true. Farts were made to be released into the atmosphere. They certainly were not made to be held in the body until it gets reabsorbed into your blood stream. That just isn't healthy. Being healthy is releasing your gas the moment you feel the need to. But that is considered rude in most [...]

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