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Sure there are 1,000's of Fart T-shirts out there, but never a brand until I Fart On

Ultimately, farts are funny and can bring laughter and stories to any social situation. Being open about it not only makes you interesting, it lightens the mood. Farters can wear an I Fart On shirt and make memorable moments and make their farts more acceptable because they are announced. For example, if you fart loud [...]

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Who is the Fart Boss? Do you Have What it Takes to Wear The Fart Boss T-shirt?

The Fart Boss is a persona, or a title, that is earned and not necessarily reserved for one person. Our very own Tim Taboubi is the Fart Boss, and defends his title when challenged. Fart Boss wannabes challenge him frequently, declaring their farting prowess is greater than his and within short order, they are dismissed [...]

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Photography and Funny Fart t-shirts

In order to create a powerful brand of funny shirts, we have to present powerful photos to showcase our designs. So we bring our fart shirts on the road and look for some locations that provide some good contrast and angles to present a professional look. From beaches to cities to abandoned locations. Check out [...]

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The Shocking Truth About Public Farting

So you’re in line at the bank and you feel the pressure in your belly building. It’s coming… a large fart is about to enter the outside world. Will people hate the fart? Will they like the fart? Will they laugh or scorn? Will they attack the farter? As these questions race through your head, [...]

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Gluten Makes Me Fart Funny Celiac T-shirt

Let's face it... Gluten can make some people fart a lot more than average. Usually not for a good reason, but you make the best of it when you have it. The Fart Boss went years and years of just thinking he had horrible gas pressure after eating, not knowing it was Celiac causing the [...]

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Hoodie Sweathshirts Released as We Inch Toward Fall

In advance of the cooler weather coming, sooner to those up north than to I Fart On's home office in Orlando, we have released high quality Hanes Hoodie Sweatshirts. The first release is the  Fart Boss sweatshirt, and other designs will be released during the upcoming weeks. These hoodies come in six different colors and a [...]

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How Many Farts are Blown on Earth by People Every Day?

Good question... and simple math can help us answer that question. The average person farts 14 times per day (yes, some of us fart closer to 50 times per day, but there are some weirdos who only fart three or four times per day. So with a rough human population of 7 billion people we [...]

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I Fart On Travels the Country in Search of the Best Funny T-shirt Photos

The founders of I Fart On do not let grass grow under their feet, traveling all across the country conducting photo shoots to show off our new funny t-shirts. In the last eight months, shoots have been done in Orlando, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Colonial Williamsburg, Manhattan, New Smyrna Beach, Utica, NY, and Old [...]

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