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Gluten Makes Me Fart T-shirt Commercial for Celiac Folks with a Sense of Humor

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Celiac disease and a Gluten Allergy are no laughing matter. Having this auto-immune condition requires a life-altering diet that interferes with everyday gatherings and meals. If you let it weigh you down, it can depress people. So you always need to find the joy in everything you encounter, so what can you find with Celiac? In addition to forcing you into what can be a healthier diet, there is also the humor that comes with the condition. One very common side effect of Celiac people who accidentally eat some gluten is increased and foul farts. So if your sense of humor allows, this can make the pain a little more tolerable as you entertain people with your sounds and laugh at them as they squirm from the smell. 

When eating out, a good percentage of food servers don't take your gluten allergy all that seriously. Wearing the Gluten Makes Me Fart t-shirt from I Fart On not only makes people laugh around you, but it says to the food servers that there are going to be consequences not just for you, but for them as well if they don't keep your food gluten free. 

So enjoy this commercial from the Fart Boss, who has been diagnosed with Celiac himself, and order your shirt here.

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