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Is It Possible to Fart Too Much?

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A better way to ask this question is, "when is enough, enough with farting?" We ask this because some people get mad at one little fart, or even mentioning the word fart. Those people are miserable oddballs, and we need not consider their feelings, since they don't consider the feelings of the farter. 

For this thought process we are talking about friends, family, or spouses who are fairly tolerant of the farters normal farts. But when do the normal farts cross the line and turn the once tolerant peers into angry aggressive fart haters? So just how many farts makes the more tolerant turn against you? If you fart 50 times a day which are tolerated, would 60, 70 or 80 make it too much? When you hit 81 farts in a day, is that when you will hear, "OK, seriously, stop with the farting!!!!?"

It is our theory that the number of farts isn't as critical as is the smell or length of the farts. For example, ten 20-second long farts in one hour will upset people more than 30 regular farts in an hour. If the smell is remarkably different and insanely offensive, two seems to be the magic number in a short period of time. The first one is forgiven and the second one is punishable. So if you want to keep the peace with those who are fairly tolerant of your farts, pay keen attention to their cues after you fart. 

Also, keep in mind the Incremental Farting Theory, or IFT for short. The IFT is a risky proposition if you want to keep the peace. This is the theory that when farting becomes excessive, others begin to get angry, however, if you fart to absurd levels, it transitions from anger back into laughter because at this point it is just ridiculous. When you cross into the anger mode, if you want to go for the IFT, you must be sure you can sustain the high level of farting, otherwise if you tail off, you will only get deeper into the anger mode. 

As far as physically farting too much, it is pretty much assumed that if you fart more than once a minute for longer than an hour, something is probably really wrong. 

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