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Like it or not, farts are going mainstream

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It used to be on George Carlin's list of forbidden words. Then in 1974 the movie Blazing Saddles blew the roof off the gratuitous fart joke, putting together the classic bean/fart scene that had audiences rolling in the aisles. Even though the gates were open from that scene, farts mainly stayed in the movie theaters, both in the movie and in seat. But as we passed the year 2000, farts started to creep into mainstream humor, and after 2010, they literally started picking up steam. Now you can't watch a prime time sitcom without a fart joke, reference or actual blast. Even most Disney channel shows for teens have fart references in over half of their episodes. 

It is this shift toward farts that gave rise to I Fart On, the world's first fart t-shirt company. Our fart t-shirts give people the swag they need to flaunt their fart humor and announce to everyone who sees them that a fart is very likely. So go ahead and shop our shirts and see which one speaks to you or to that farter in your life. We all know someone who farts alot

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