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Best Of: Fart T-shirts Don't Get Better Than This

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It's easy to come up with fart t-shirt ideas. It's also easy to make really low quality fart t-shirts. What is not easy to do is take your great fart ideas, make high quality merchandise and package it and brand it like the pros. I Fart On has grabbed the flag and lead the charge to not only provide great quality funny fart t-shirts, but also produce the highest quality merchandise photos to make it look like our shirts belong in fancy department stores. (Actually they do belong there.)

In 2015, I Fart On continued our tradition of traveling to various locations in the United States to host photo shoots with various models, all along with the Fart Boss. This is coupled with a series of new custom songs made for and with I Fart On. We love our custom music and hope that you do as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the best of I Fart On 2015, in photos, music and video in this fart shirt compilation video. 

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Hoof Arted? Video Commercial

Hoof Arted? Well, whoever smelt it, dealt it, right? Yes, a funny play on words, but the root question - who farted? is one of the most asked questions in the English language. Think of it this way, the average person fart 14 times a day. Most people try to conceal their farts, leaving the perpetrator [...]

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What demographic thinks farts are the funniest? The truth may surprise you...

Like we have stated before, everyone, everywhere in the world is born thinking farts are funny. Every baby and small child will chuckle at the sound of a fart. Different cultures have different views on farting and sway the way people react to it as they grow older. So in the United States, you would think [...]

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Why are Farts Funny?

That is a great question? Why are farts funny? Well, you might think it is because of the source of them, our butts, or because they have an insane range of sounds, or because of the insane range of smells. While all of this is true to a degree, the real reason farts are funny is because some people [...]

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Like it or not, farts are going mainstream

It used to be on George Carlin's list of forbidden words. Then in 1974 the movie Blazing Saddles blew the roof off the gratuitous fart joke, putting together the classic bean/fart scene that had audiences rolling in the aisles. Even though the gates were open from that scene, farts mainly stayed in the movie theaters, [...]

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Farted New T-shirt

I Fart On is proud to release their newest t-shirt design, Forgive Me Father For I Have Farted. This shirt mixes a little bit of religious humor with good old fashioned fart humor. So where does the inspiration for t-shirt like this come from? Well, it all happened by random chance. The CEO and CFO of I [...]

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It's The Bucket List of Farts

I Fart On was created after a few brainstorming sessions of all the funny places we fart on, in or at. The first shirt idea before the company was even named was an I Fart On Airplanes shirt. Obviously meant to wear on planes... and from there we started thinking of all the other places [...]

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Who is the Fart Boss? Do you Have What it Takes to Wear The Fart Boss T-shirt?

The Fart Boss is a persona, or a title, that is earned and not necessarily reserved for one person. Our very own Tim Taboubi is the Fart Boss, and defends his title when challenged. Fart Boss wannabes challenge him frequently, declaring their farting prowess is greater than his and within short order, they are dismissed [...]

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The Shocking Truth About Public Farting

So you’re in line at the bank and you feel the pressure in your belly building. It’s coming… a large fart is about to enter the outside world. Will people hate the fart? Will they like the fart? Will they laugh or scorn? Will they attack the farter? As these questions race through your head, [...]

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