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Best Of: Fart T-shirts Don't Get Better Than This

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It's easy to come up with fart t-shirt ideas. It's also easy to make really low quality fart t-shirts. What is not easy to do is take your great fart ideas, make high quality merchandise and package it and brand it like the pros. I Fart On has grabbed the flag and lead the charge to not only provide great quality funny fart t-shirts, but also produce the highest quality merchandise photos to make it look like our shirts belong in fancy department stores. (Actually they do belong there.)

In 2015, I Fart On continued our tradition of traveling to various locations in the United States to host photo shoots with various models, all along with the Fart Boss. This is coupled with a series of new custom songs made for and with I Fart On. We love our custom music and hope that you do as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the best of I Fart On 2015, in photos, music and video in this fart shirt compilation video. 

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The Best Christmas Gift is One That No One Will Forget

As we approach the Christmas season, many people put excessive effort into finding just the right gifts for people. But before we go any further into this topic, think back about all the gifts you received just last year. Chances are you only recall a few of them. Think back two years, three years... I [...]

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Is It Possible to Fart Too Much?

A better way to ask this question is, "when is enough, enough with farting?" We ask this because some people get mad at one little fart, or even mentioning the word fart. Those people are miserable oddballs, and we need not consider their feelings, since they don't consider the feelings of the farter. For this thought [...]

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What demographic thinks farts are the funniest? The truth may surprise you...

Like we have stated before, everyone, everywhere in the world is born thinking farts are funny. Every baby and small child will chuckle at the sound of a fart. Different cultures have different views on farting and sway the way people react to it as they grow older. So in the United States, you would think [...]

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One Day I Counted My Farts in High School... You'll Never Guess What I Did

From a very young age I knew I had a talent that set me apart from the rest. I could fart loud enough to make some people think a gun shot went off. I could fart the song Jingle Bells to 27 notes, and timed a fart at 50 seconds long once to prove a [...]

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Like it or not, farts are going mainstream

It used to be on George Carlin's list of forbidden words. Then in 1974 the movie Blazing Saddles blew the roof off the gratuitous fart joke, putting together the classic bean/fart scene that had audiences rolling in the aisles. Even though the gates were open from that scene, farts mainly stayed in the movie theaters, [...]

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Funny Fart T-shirt Models Show Some Flash

Photo shoots for a fart t-shirt business can seem a bit out of sorts for some. Especially when these shoots are done in busy downtown areas and draw crowds nearby. The most recent photo shoots did just that, as the Fart Boss took to central and south Florida to team up with local models and [...]

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Fart Facts: 6 Handy Tips to Increase Your Farting

Getting ready for a night out with your friends or meeting with people you want to make go away? Do you need to amp up your farts for an upcoming competition? We have compiled these six tips to help you get the desired output. 1.Food: This is the fuel for the farts so follow these guidelines: Eat huge meals, eat [...]

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The Speed of Farts

So how fast is the gas flying out of your butt when you rip a good fart? Well, the average speed is 7 miles per hour. When you have eaten something bad and you feel that hot air seeping out, that is around 1-2 miles per hour. Conversely, if you rip one so loud that [...]

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The Best of Dr. Longphartz, Fart Phd

Dr. Longphartz is the resident fart expert with the I Fart On team. Anyone can ask a question of him to get his expert insight, allowing you to live your life to the fullest, even if you fart all the time. Check out a few of his best responses.Q: Why Do Some Farts Not Smell At [...]

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