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The Best Christmas Gift is One That No One Will Forget

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As we approach the Christmas season, many people put excessive effort into finding just the right gifts for people. But before we go any further into this topic, think back about all the gifts you received just last year. Chances are you only recall a few of them. Think back two years, three years... I think you get the idea. While we put a lot of time and money into purchasing gifts, most are soon forgotten. It is as if they were never given in the first place. 

So how does someone purchase a gift that will be remembered? The answer is in the emotions the gift creates. The higher the emotion associated with the gift, the longer it will be remembered. So while a new pair of jeans is nice, it will be forgotten soon. A surprise new car will never be forgotten... but it costs too much. So how do you give a gift for under $25 that creates enough emotion to be remembered? Chances are it will need to be laughter driving the emotion in that budget range. 

Second, in addition to being funny, it needs to stand out. Not to "toot" our own horn, but a fart t-shirt fits the bill because it provides the following emotions: Shock, humor, disgust, and joy. They may forget the new socks you gave them two years ago, but a person will never forget the time they opened a fart t-shirt in front of others. 

While there are thousands of fart t-shirts out there, there is only one brand dedicated to farts: I Fart On. And I Fart On strives to provide the highest quality designs and shirts to make it a gift that lasts. Click here to shop now

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