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What demographic thinks farts are the funniest? The truth may surprise you...

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Like we have stated before, everyone, everywhere in the world is born thinking farts are funny. Every baby and small child will chuckle at the sound of a fart. Different cultures have different views on farting and sway the way people react to it as they grow older. 

So in the United States, you would think it would be college age boys that think farts are the funniest and laugh the hardest at farts. But the truth is, the demographic that laughs the most and loudest at a good fart are young girls age 10-15. They have yet to be jaded into snubbing their nose it and nobody giggles more than girls in that age group. A good fart can bring a group of them to the floor laughing and crying. 

While the boys may continue laughing at farts long after most girls subdue the urge to laugh, nobody laughs more than they do during those formative years. So when you are looking for a great gift idea for a young girl, look no further than a shirt from I Fart On. They will love it!

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