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Why are Farts Funny?

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That is a great question? Why are farts funny? Well, you might think it is because of the source of them, our butts, or because they have an insane range of sounds, or because of the insane range of smells. While all of this is true to a degree, the real reason farts are funny is because some people choose to be offended by them. Think about it, if nobody was ever offended by a fart, would it really be that funny when you crack one off at the restaurant? Nope, it would be treated like a cough, or a sneeze… not desirable, but at least we don’t shame people who happen to do that.

Some cultures treat farts like the common function they are and ignore them no matter the sound, smell or location. They miss out on a fundamental fun in life, the fart joke. Be thankful you have been raised in a culture that both laughs and shames farts. The next time somebody tries to publically shame you for farting, thank that person for helping make the fart funnier than it could have been.

At I Fart On we celebrate the haters out there, and welcome their feedback, because unwittingly they give farters the desired reaction and reinforce that the fart was funny. They don’t know it, but by hating on the fart, they are actually providing the positive reinforcement the farter was looking for. Talk about your all time back fires.

Truth be told, if you ignore a fart, the farter is less likely to rip one. But don’t tell the haters this little nugget. Instead buy a funny fart t-shirt from our online store and see what kind of public reactions you can generate.

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