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Dr. Longphartz Video Archive

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Ask Dr. Longphartz Your Fart Questions Video Archive

Episode 4: Ask Fart Expert Dr. Longphartz Your Farting Questions

In episode 4, Dr. Longphartz answers: Why do women's farts smell worse than men's? What stores are the best place to fart in? If you fart alot, what is the best way to make money by farting? Also, hear the first recorded fart captured in 1821.


Episode 3: Ask Fart Expert Dr. Longphartz Your Farting Questions

In episode 3, Dt. Longphartz answers: what happens if you hold in your farts too long? Is farting good exercise? Where is the best place to fart? Will farting help you get laid? Submit your burning fart questions to the good doctor to answer in an upcoming episode.


Ask Fart Expert Dr. Longphartz Episode 2

Ask your fart questions to Dr. Longphartz and he will answer the best in his YouTube series Ask Dr. Longphartz. In episode #2, he answers the questions: Why do guys laugh when they fart? Are farts good medicine? What are some of the best farts out there? Watch as Longphartz demonstrates the best fart positions in this video. Its an instant classic, even if it is low budget.


Ask Docter Eric Longphartz - Video #1

Ask Docter Longphartz your fart questions and see him answer them in his videos...

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