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Fart Shirts Producing Profits



Flatulence Has Never Been So Profitable - I Fart On LLC Launches World's First Fart Brand Company


Utica, N.Y.: Tim Williams, CFO of I Fart On, LLC, (www.ifarton.com) announced the opening of the online store for the I Fart On brand of Clothing and Merchandise. It marks the first of its kind brand centered on farts.

I Fart On is themed on the places we all fart. Since farting is a rather common daily occurrence, the places they occur is what can make them interesting. So celebrating these places gives rise to the name I Fart On. Some great examples of the line of clothing include the shirts: I Fart on Airplanes, I Fart in Cars, I Fart on Company Time, etc.

I Fart On has created not only an online store, but an interactive destination website that serves as a daily source of humor and gives all fans a chance to upload their stories, ideas, fart questions and photos with our logo and shirts. The website also features a section titled “Farticles” which compiles the best articles on farting on the web.

“Life can be quite stressful and downright depressing,” says Williams. “To be able to make the most of something as simple and common as farts can brighten any moment, and wearing our shirts can share that with others.”

“We know that about 20 percent of people out there will be offended,” continues Williams. “However, without the haters, none of this would be funny in the first place, so we have to embrace them and hope that they always exist.”

The I Fart On products are available for sale at the website, www.ifarton.com/store/. Customers can also request custom made shirts by contacting the company directly through the website.

About I Fart On LLC

I Fart On LLC was founded in 2013, but has been a lifetime in the making. It was formed by three longtime friends in Utica, NY, to celebrate the inherent humor in farts. Besides having a genuine appreciation for public farting, the initial concept for the business was created while discussing ways to make someone not want to sit next to you in an open seating airline flight. The idea was born, “How about we wear a shirt that says ‘I Fart on Airplanes’?”

From there, the ideas started to flow about where else we fart on, in or at. When the theme is explained to someone, they inherently begin thinking about places and having fun with it. The culmination of all of the places is referred to as The Bucket List of Farts. I Fart On is very interactive with its fans, with multiple interaction possibilities on the website, a daily presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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