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Fart Your Way to Better Abs Fart Exercises



Fart, Fart, Fart Your Way to Better Abs in 30 Days

A remarkable new ab workout that is fun, because it involves farting




Do you want better abs but HATE doing crunches and sit ups? Do you have a good sense of humor? Then we have a sure-fire way to get your sculpted abs without the repetitve boring motions. Fart, fart, fart your way to better abs in 30 days. Yes, fart your way to better abs.

How does it work? It's easy... try this right now: Try to push out a fart (whether you can at the moment or not). What did you just feel? You felt your abdominal muscles contract just like when you do a crunch. Guess what? They did contract in a similar fashion. The key, just like an exercise, is to do it frequently. Try to fart at least 500 times a day and you will see the results in one month.

If you happen to be experiencing explosive diarrhea, it is not recommended to practice this method until the squirts have subsided.

So go ahead, have fun, try to fart at your desk, try to fart on the couch, try to fart while you drive. You don't have to make time to get this done, just do it while you do other things. And its an added bonus when you actually do fart from the exercise, enjoy it and let others know that you are just doing your exercises. You should also start slow, try to fart just 250 times the first day and increase it over the course of two weeks until you can do approximately 500 per day.

Enjoy your new abs and your increased laundry bill! You're welcome!

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