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How I Fart On Got Started with T-shirts


Funny Fart T-shirts Inspired from an Open Seating Airline

The Founding Farters have been stand-out farters since childhood. The VP of Farts and Taboubi were high school friends back in the early 90s, and Docter Eric Longphartz was a friend of Taboubi's brother. Since Eric was a major league farter himself, he was accepted into the founders inner circle.

But enough about the boys behind the farts, how did the company get started?

Have you ever flown an airline with open seating? That is where you choose your seat in the plane based on when you board. We had discussions for well over a year about what we could do to make it so that nobody would want to sit next to you so you have extra elbow room. Many have tried the fake cough as people enter the plane, but it never works. We thought if you wore a shirt that said "I Fart on Airplanes" that might do the trick.

Once the concept of "I Fart on Airplanes" was born, it became evident that there are hundreds of great places people fart on, at or fart in. This is where the brand "I Fart On" was developed. We then themed all the items around the areas we tend to fart. It started with the top 25, then when we started talking to others, that list has blossomed into the hundreds, and as our friends from Ireland have dubbed it... It's the Bucket List of Farts.

So with this in mind, we took a look at what existed when you search the web for farts. Quite frankly, it's disappointing garbage. While it sounds like an oxymoron, we decided to make a classy fart site with well-branded items.

More Than Just a Fart Shirt Company

Beyond selling shirts, we also decided to make the website interactive and fun and allow fans to share their experiences, stories, photos, and farts. And most of all, we want to make Docter Eric Longphartz famous with his answers to all of your fart questions. Go ahead, send him your question, and he will give you an answer that has you wondering why he isn't bigger than Dr. Phil yet. Check out the Best Fart Stories and Photo Bombs to give you your daily dose of laughter.

The Maiden Flight: The first I Fart On Test Run 

Well, in early 2013, we made the first prototype shirt and gave it a go on the airlines. Taboubi wore the shirt and headed to the security line ... would he be shunned or beloved? Well, the answer is both? Did he get an empty seat next to him? Ironically, no.

On the first flight, he was among the first to board and sat right up front in an aisle seat so everyone could see him. Being sure to make eye contact with every passenger, he mostly got smiles and laughs as people passed him by. Turns out it was a full flight, every seat was taken. The poor woman who was last on the plane saw the seat next to Taboubi available, but saw the I Fart on Airplanes shirt and walked right past. When it became evident there were no more seats at the back of the plane, it was as if she was doing the "dead man walking" march back to the seat next to Taboubi. She wouldn't look at him and wouldn't talk to him. Her loss....

After getting off the plane, and after everyone had seen the shirt, Taboubi struck up conversations with several passengers at the baggage claim, getting smiles, a few hugs and a few photos with them.

On the return flight, as Taboubi was in the security line, a security agent was giving a breifing about what can and can't be brought through security. In the middle of his speech, he noticed Taboubi's shirt and laughed so hard he couldn't talk anymore and had to look down to get his composure. Upon boarding the plane, Taboubi did the same thing and sat up front in an aisle seat. Moments later, with hundreds of seats available, a couple decides to sit near him, telling him that "If you are wearing a shirt like that, you probably have a great sense of humor and probably aren't going to do that." To which Taboubi replied, "Well, your mistaken about the second part!"

Flying is boring, so why not spice it up with a shirt like that. It was the most memorable flights for Taboubi, and it can be for you too. Live on the edge and create your lifelong memories.

And the rest is history in the making. Please join us in making this site the world's best resource for classy fart-related humor. Contact us with your ideas and make your mark on this site (figuratively of course!).

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