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Top Fun Fart Facts

Top Fun Facts About Farts


The Average Person Farts 14 times a day.
These 14 farts produce an average of half a liter of gas per day (about 2 cups)
We at I Fart On know many people who fart upwards of 50 times a day on average, enough to fill 2 large soda bottles with fart gas.

My Farts are on Fire!

Farts Are Indeed Flamable (See Mythbusters video confirming you can light a fart)

The Speed of Farts

Farts can come flying out of your butt at a blistering 7 miles per hour (Fast enough to blow out the candles on a cake, if it doesn’t blow up first!)

Turn Up the Heat

Farts are 98.6 degrees at the time of creation (and hotter if you just ate spicy hot sauce)


  1. Termites
  2. Camels (Big shock here, they LOOK like farters)
  3. Zebras (they have aerodynamic back sides making for amazing sound)
  4. Sheep
  5. Cows
  6. Elephants
  7. Labradors/Retrievers
  8. Humans (vegetarians – yup, you have just been outed for farting like an elephant)
  9. Humans (non-vegetarians – and they stink more)
  10. Gerbils (but their cute, so people like their farts)

Termites produce more methane than cows and even all pollution from man-made machinery (but don’t release any other harmful gasses)

What makes loud farts?

Most farts come from swallowed Air (Largely nitrogen and CO2) and are relatively odorless. The bubbles from these farts are typically large and make loud sounds. Ka-pow!

What makes smelly farts?

Bacterial fermentation and digestive processes can produce various pungent gases in your farts. The bubbles from these farts tend to be small and smelly. This is the source of the silent but deadly… sneaking out with heat and stink.

Why do we Shart?

The nerve endings in your anus help you distinguish between a fart and a poop. However, sometimes these nerves get confused when your poop has more fluid than normal and results in a shart and the immediate need for a shower and new clothes. (Rarely do you drop a biscuit when showboating.)

More is better!

To enhance your fartiness, beans really do make you fart more due to polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are carbohydrate structures that the lower intestine’s bacteria feed on producing extra flatulence. Taboubi can attest that brown sugar and beans create his most epic days. Other foods that will make are you fart are as follows: Corn, Bell Peppers, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Milk, Bread, Eggs, Beer, Raisins, Brussel Sprouts, Lentils, Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Oats, Yeast, Radishes, Sweet Potatoes, Cashews, Turnips, and Rutabagas. If you are like the Founding Farters, eating and breathing in general will produce farts far in excess of 14 per day, sometimes up to 20+ per hour)

Old Fart, Figuratively Speaking

Farting or ‘breaking wind’, is releasing gas from the anus. The English word ‘fart’ has been around for a long time; in 1386, Chaucer wrote: ‘This Nicholas anon let flee a fart.’

Gets Better with Age?

Some old people claim that they fart more with increasing age.

What's Up Doc?

Doctors do not regard flatulence as a problem in the absence of other serious symptoms.Can't seem to get a definately answer as to what is too much gas... if you're happy and you fart 150 times per day, its A-OK!

History LOVES Farts

Farting has always been viewed as vulgar and comical. In the opening scene of Aristophanes's comic play The Frogs, the slave Xanthias, trying to raise a laugh from his master (and the audience), says: ‘Well, how about this: If nobody will take away my pack, I'll let a fart and blow it off my back!’

Wherever You Be, Let Your Wind Blow Free - It was the Law!

The Roman Emperor Claudius felt strongly that people should have no inhibitions about farting, even at parties, and issued an edict to that effect. In the 1530s, Erasmus wrote that to hold back wind is dangerous, but that one should hide the sound with a cough, for ‘the sound of farting, especially of those who stand on elevated ground, is horrible.’ Today most people try to hide the sounds of farts in public places, and smart public lavatories in Japan are equipped with wall-mounted gadgets that make a loud flushing noise when a button is pressed, thus covering the noise of a fart the occupant feels is coming.

The Flatulist - Our Hero of Yesteryear (We wish there were video from back then)

One man made his living from the sounds of his farts. Joseph Pujol, who called himself Le Petomane, found he could inhale air through his anus, and developed amazing control of the farting sounds he made. He appeared on stage at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, wearing a red tail-coat and black satin breeches, and delivered a long repertoire that ranged from the sound of a young girl farting to that of a strip of calico tearing. He blew out candles, and, through a tube, played Au claire de la lune on a little flute, and smoked a cigarette. During the 1890s he could earn 20,000 francs in one day at the box office, while Sarah Bernhardt earned only 8,000. As much as some would like to deny it, everyone from every time has thought farts are funny. What is the best known scene from Blazzing Saddles? Yeah, you know it!

If You Build It, He Will Fart

Almost all people typically fart once an hour, producing between 200 ml and 2 litres a day, although both rate and quantity can be enormously increased by stress, and by eating particular foods — notably cabbage, onions, and beans. So this lends support to an unscientific study conducted on numerous occasions by the Founding Farters -- If you think about farting long enough and really concentrate, you will start farting. It seems logical that if stress can make you fart, positive brain concentration can also make you fart. Repeat after me, "Think Fart, Blow Fart" and keep repeating it. You will probably fart after a minute or two. Worked for us.

Cereal gives you gas…. That explains it!

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